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Mascara’s I’ve tried….(Try it/Skip it review)?!

Ok, time for a beautyish post. I, like many women before me, have tried countless mascaras in order to find the perfect one….here’s a secret: YOU NEVER WILL. You may find one that you really love….until the newest one comes out and you love that one even more. Here’s my personal experience with mascaras…(btw, I’ve used many more, these are just the ones I’ve really used enough of to mention) Also: All of these, unless otherwise noted, are in Black/Blackest Black (whatever the darkest shade of the company is)

~Maybelline Great Lash: Cheapest of the mascaras I’ve used, and one I find very reliable! Decent all around, definitely perfect for anyone fairly new to makeup, because of the price. Very basic, but very much worth it…I’ve gone through countless tubes. TRY IT.

~Covergirl Lash Blast: (original orange tube) I find this mascara received too much     hype…The brush is okay. I found this extremely flaky and dry, and I’ve probably tried 5 tubes of the stuff, and never really liked them too much. SKIP IT.

~Loreal Waterproof Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara: I’m on my second tube and I have very mixed feelings…It is an AMAZING mascara, however, being the waterproof formulation, does not come off easily unless using makeup remover (which I hate using). Other than that, it makes my lashes look super defined, long, and thick, but NOT spidery. That is one thing that simply disgusts me. Oh, and the brush is AMAZING! However, be warned, my best friend got the “non waterproof/normal” version, and the brush on hers was about half the size and wasn’t great at all. Anyhow: TRY IT!

~Loreal Double Extend Mascara (blue tube): This mascara comes with two sides: a primer and a mascara. I pretty much hate this mascara, which is a shame because I have two tubes of this stuff to use up. The primer side causes the mascara to clump majorly, no matter how little of time is allowed between the two. Also, the tube of mascara itself is very small. When I opened it up the first time it seemed like there was very little product. The mascara is almost grey tinted, not black, it makes my lashes look thick, but in a gross way. TO BE FAIR: My best friend LOVES this, and there are many great reviews. Others might say “Try it!” but I say: SKIP IT!

~Mac Zoom Lash: To be fair, I have only every used sample sizes that have come for free in online orders, and I have not used the full size. That being said: I did not like this mascara very much. The formula was an odd consistency, the mascara itself gave little length/thickness…The full size is probably better, but honestly, I’m not going to bother spending the money: SKIP IT (unless of course it’s free like mine have been, they make great little gifts for friends or for travel)

~Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Mascara (in color Violight): This is a purple mascara! Except….it doesn’t look purple?! Well, it does…but only in sunlight. I actually love that about the mascara. In class or at work, no one can tell, but if a bit of sunlight hits your eyes, there’s suddenly a pop of color! I have reddish brown eyes, and I love the way the purple plays up my eye color. The brush on this mascara is fantasic. One thing to be said: it can be flaky, but not unbearably so. If you rub your eyes a bunch, it will flake, but other than that, it’s a great mascara. TRY IT!

All that being said: I pretty much switch between the Loreal Voluminous mascara and the Victoria’s Secret…sometimes I’ll throw in Great Lash or LashBlast…’s just whatever I pick up first sometimes. ~Rachel

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