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YouTube Beauty Community Overview

YouTube is probably one of the most accessed websites on the internet, along with Facebook and Google. The greatest thing about YouTube is that you can find pretty much anything on there, including tutorials on everything, including makeup. A few years ago, this inner community began, and it has completely exploded. I have followed (subscribed to) many of these “beauty gurus” for a couple years now, and I’ve seen many of them change drastically, while a couple remain the same. Here are my thoughts on a few specific YouTubers:

MichellePhan: aka, the number 1 beauty guru on YouTube. She has gone from a normal girl to internationally known make up sensation. She has changed a lot, and although she has received a LOT of negative feedback (there is a website called MichellePhail) I feel that she has stayed fairly grounded. She has always seemed very professional, and openly admits when she has been compensated for a video. I enjoy her videos still.

Jlovesmac1: When I started watching her, she was a hilarious girl who didn’t mind a bit of personal humor (making her flaws seems funny) and just did makeup tutorials/hauls…but over a short amount of time (8months-1yr) she completely morphed into something else. Her videos became sponsored. Now this isn’t a bad thing, but if they are ALL sponsored and all extremely positives reviews, it does shake my faith in that guru…Not only this, but her personality became entirely fake. All that humor became blown out of proportion and it’s just all forced comedy. I actually unsubscribed from her, and she is the only guru on this list that I have actually unsubscribed from.

Lollipop26: my absolute FAVORITE youtuber out there. Unfortunately she stopped making videos several months ago, but I actually find myself going to her channel and watching her older videos. She’s witty, and gives a good honest review. I also love how she’s always looking for the “next best thing.” For awhile, it was eyelash growth, then it became hair extentions, then self tanners etc. Always entertaining and informative.

Juicystar07 and Allthatglitters21:

The infamous Fowler sisters. Blair (Juicystar07) is the 2nd most-subscribed to guru (next to MichellePhan). I watched her videos from about the 3rd one she put up, about 2 and a half years ago. Back then, she was a nice girl with a passion for makeup, but wow has this girl changed. Actually, they both have. 99% of their videos are sponsored, and although I find them entertaining, I have ZERO trust in what they say. All of their videos include the words “really excited” or “so excited to tell you guys about….” and then it’s just some thing they are paid to mention, including hauls. The girls’ personalities have also become very fake, especially Elle. She is very ditzy (completely fake, not natural) as previously said though, my final thoughts are, although I still watch them, I don’t trust anything they say;)

Xteeener: This girl is probably my favorite current youtuber. She is still very down-to-earth, even after becoming YouTube “famous.” She does compensated videos for Sigma, but keeps everything professional, but most importantly, honest. She will say things she doesn’t like about products she received for free, which a few other youtubers (*cough* elle and blair *cough*) could learn from. I love watching her videos!

Pinkiecharm: WOW this lady buys a lot of stuff! I mean, yes she does it over time, and much if it is just for reviews, but WOW. It really is alot. While I’m not always a fan of her personality, and her reviews tend to be a bit long-winded, I do enjoy her videos because they are extremely informative. If she says a product is good, then I have confidence in it. I’ll definitely keep watching her videos, but being subscribed to her can be annoying because she puts out WAY more videos than any other of my subscriptions.

Because I’m lazy, and this post is ridiculously long, I’m done talking about gurus in length. But two other gurus I like watching because of their professionality (is that even a word?) are Emilynoel83 and MakeupGeek.


What are your thoughts on YouTube beauty gurus?

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